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The Best Personalized Baby Gifts of 2019 for Hospitals and OBGYN’s

When parents are looking for the perfect gifts for their newborns, personalization options can go a long way in convincing them to purchase one product over another. Many hospitals offer baby gifts in their gifts shops for customers to pick up when visiting the newborn for the first time but many of these items lack any personal touches.

As a hospital or OBGYN office, you are missing out on a valuable opportunity to offer the parents who visit you with something special that they’ll be thrilled to give their newborn if you don’t offer personalized baby gifts. With Makaboo’s line of personalized baby gifts, you can offer parents something special that they and their child can appreciate for its personal value for years to come. Today, we’ll be giving you our tips on finding the best personalized baby gifts of 2019 for hospitals and OBGYN offices.

Creating Lasting Memories With a Personalized Baby Gift

If you are a parent, it’s likely that you have your fair share of experience shopping around for the perfect baby gift for your newborn. There is an entire world of baby gifts to choose from with an overwhelming amount of options in terms of brands. Unfortunately, many retailers offering baby gifts don’t go the extra mile in catering to the unique needs of their customers by offering personalized baby gifts.

If you aren’t a parent, you can still see the value of a personalized baby gift. Thinking back to your favorite item gifted to you by your parents when you were a child, it’s likely that this item holds a tremendous amount of personal value to you. In putting yourself in the shoes of today’s parents-to-be, you can see the added personal value that could be ensured with a personalized baby gift.

By offering personalized baby gifts at your hospital or OBGYN office, you can give new parents and their newborns a gift that will create lasting memories and hold tremendous personal value for years and years to come. Whether it’s the newborn’s name or simply a logo for your organization, a personalized baby gift can serve as a reminder of the happiest moments in a parent’s life. Every parent holds onto the items gifted to their newborn and a personalized gift will give them the chance to look back with fond remembrance, even if it is a personalized item that holds the name of the hospital where their child was born.

Representing Your Brand

While there is a tremendous amount of sentimental value supplied to the proud parents of newborns in regards to personalized baby gifts, such items are also a great way to represent your brand. If you are a hospital or doctor’s office such as an OBGYN, personalized baby gifts that have your organization’s logo embroidered on it can be a win-win situation for you and new parents alike. When new parents pick up an item that has been customized with your organization’s logo, you represent your brand and bring attention to the services that you have to offer parents.

Personalized baby gifts of high quality, like those found at Makaboo, will be sure to draw attention. When customers are able to see that your organization cares enough about new parents and their newborns to offer gifts with personalized options, they will be much more likely to seek your services.

The Best Personalized Baby Gifts for Newborns

Now that you know the benefits and importance that personalized baby gifts for newborns can bring to your organization and the new parents that you service, you may be wondering which items to purchase. We’re glad you asked!

At Makaboo, we put our all into offering high-quality baby gifts that can be uniquely customized to the specifications of our customers. Here are our top picks for the best personalized baby gifts of 2019.

Angel Dear Personalized Lovie Blankets

Angel Dear Pink Bunny

Makaboo’s selection of personalized lovie blankets are a best-selling item and for good reason. With an extensive variety of different prints and styles, new parents love our lovie blankets for their newborns. These perfect little security blankets will bring an unrivaled sense of comfort to newborns with their soft, cashmere-like material. They are also durable enough to withstand any number of new adventures with your child as time goes on.

Our Angel Dear personalized lovie blankets also come with a cute animal head that is easy to grip and will have newborns smiling from ear to ear. There is a wide selection of animal heads to choose from ranging from a frog to a sweet little bunny rabbit. Measuring 13 x 13, our Angel Dear personalized lovie blankets are even machine washable so no amount of mess will get in the way of your newborn’s snuggle time. Whether you’re a parent choosing to get your child’s name embroidered or a hospital who wishes to offer new parents a keepsake that they and their child can appreciate forever, Makaboo’s Angel Dear personalized lovie blankets are the way to go.

Angel Dear Pillow Pals

Angel Dear Brown Bear Pillow Pal

Another Angel Dear product that we love to recommend to those looking for the perfect personalized baby gift for newborns is our selection of Angel Dear Pillow Pals. Makaboo’s Angel Dear Pillow Pals are the perfect snuggling companion for newborns and can be personalized in any way that you see fit.

Our wide selection of friendly looking Pillow Pals are particularly versatile products as they can be used in a variety of different ways. For one, our Pillow Pals can be used as nursing pillows, on the changing table, or as the perfect bedtime companion when your child gets a little older. Having so many different uses, this is one baby gift that a newborn is sure to enjoy for years to come, made all the more special with personalization options.

All Angel Dear Pillow Pals come equipped with a removable insert and are pillow machine washable so any unexpected messes or accidents won’t ruin the fun. Pick up a pillow pal for your child, hospital gift shop, or OBGYN’s office today to bring the perfect personal touch!

Personalized Blankets and Swaddles

copper pearl swaddle bloom

Blankets and swaddles are a must-have baby gift for all newborns. Not only does a high-quality blanket or swaddle provide that extra bit of comfort to newborns, it also serves as a great multi-use product that can be used to give your newborn a soft surface to lay on in any setting. From the changing table to a trip to the beach, personalized baby blankets and/or swaddles should be at the top of any newborn shopping list.

Makaboo offers a huge selection of customizable blankets and swaddles featuring different prints, sizes, and materials, so finding the right one for your newborn is easy. As a hospital or OBGYN office looking to offer something particularly special to new parents, adding your embroidered logo will not only represent your brand but also serve as a reminder that parents and their newborns can treasure forever. Don’t miss out! Makaboo’s line of blankets and swaddles are extremely popular, so don’t miss the chance to place your order today.

Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are one of the top items on any new parent’s list of things to pick up for their newborn. As a hospital or OBGYN office that wishes to offer an impressive selection of personalized baby gifts to your visitors, baby clothes are a must-have.

At Makaboo, we put love and care into selecting only the best personalized baby clothes to our customers. Here is just a small taste of some of our most popular personalized baby clothes:

Shop Makaboo’s Line of Personalized Baby Gifts for Newborns

As a hospital or OBGYN office, we know you care about new parents and their newborns as much as we do. At Makaboo, we put our all into offering the best personalized baby gifts available to parents and organizations like yours. Our goal is to make you 110% happy with your purchase every single time. That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every item in our shop. If you are anything less than thrilled with your Makaboo product, contact us within 60 days and we’ll give you 10% off your next purchase as well as working alongside you to make sure you get the best personalized baby gift for your newborn. If you have questions or need a little extra guidance in selecting the best items for the new parents that visit your hospital or OBGYN, feel free to contact us! We are happy to assist you in offering the very best personalized baby gifts that money can buy. Every new family deserves the highest quality and

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